Knockout Roy for 0.1 BTC!

Win Roy’s stack and a 100,000 chips bounty!

It’s that simple! Just find Roy at the cash games and try to bust him!

Bust him and you get his chips + 0.1 BTC as a bounty!


  1. He will only play at tables with blinds of at least 125/250 chips
  2. He will start with 50,000 chips (200 big blinds)
  3. He won’t buy more chips
  4. He will only play for a limited time at once. So hurry and bust him!
  5. Knockouts in tournaments or SnGs are not valid

Koncked him out? Contact Support!

Contact support if you knocked him out and you will get an extra 100,000 chips to your account which can be withdrawn any time you want!

Contact support at [email protected]