2 BTC Tournament/SnG Race!

Win your share of 2 Bitcoins of the Tournament/SnG Race!

Tournament Race TBA. More details coming soon!

Let’s start this awesome poker room with a big 2 Bitcoins Tournaments/SnG Race!

1. Play at least 5 tournaments!

The minimum amount of tourneys to enter the competition is 5! Don’t worry, all the points of those 5 tournaments count!

2. Minimum Buy In!

To make things more interesting, the tournaments that count have a minimum buy in of 10,000 chips! Conquer the tables and take your piece of 2 BTC!

3. Points System

Points will be based on buy ins, amount of players and place finished.

Really simple system. For example, in a 6max SnG with a 10,000 chips of entry, points are as follows:

1st. 670 points
2nd. 330 points

Every 1,000 chips is a 1x multiplier. At 10,000 chips, it’s a 10x multiplier.

The points are based on the prize distribution. So the higher you finish and the higher the buy in, the higher the points you will receive!

For example, in a 1,000,000 chips buy in tournament you finish 1st in a field of 73 players, you would get:

1st. 29% of pool, so 29 points
Multiplier: 1,000x (1,000,000 chips buyin)

You get 29,000 points

4. Top 10 Places Get Paid!

Top 10 players will share the 2 BTC as follows:

1st 29.00% 580,000 chips
2nd 18.00% 360,000 chips
3rd 12.50% 250,000 chips
4th 10.00% 200,000 chips
5th 8.00% 160,000 chips
6th 6.50% 130,000 chips
7th 5.50% 110,000 chips
8th 4.50% 90,000 chips
9th 3.50% 70,000 chips
10th 2.50% 50,000 chips