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High Stakes & 0.1% Rake!

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Bitcoin, High Stakes and 0.1% Rake!

At Roy's Poker Room, my team and me, Roy, are striving to provide our players the best crypto poker experience on Earth. As we only accept Bitcoin, we will have HUGE Bitcoin Guarantee Tournaments and a very low rake!

Why the low rake?

Well, we believe that Bitcoin has a great future and we expect to greatly profit down the road. Plus, at high stakes, a low rake is still a decent chunk for the house, so we ar balancing between low rake and high stakes games. Also, low rake allows players to have higher profit margins.

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High Stakes Poker

Welcome to our games! Nothing beats the sensation of playing for real or even life-changing money on the line! And that's one of our goals! In Roy's Poker Room, you will find middle to high stakes cash games, tournaments and even Sit and Go's! Our goal is to provide the best high stakes crypto poker games in the world wide web where one can really win life-changing money!

0.1% Rake!

Everyone says we are crazy for offering our games at such low rake, but as we are offering the highest stakes in crypto poker, this balances with our rake structure. Sure, at micro stakes or lower we wouldn't even turn a decent income at such low rake, but at high stakes, we are bound to make a decent profit, PLUS, our players have a chance to make a higher profit on the games! We trust in bitcoin for the future, so we take it as a future investment.

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Only Bitcoin

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50% RakeBack!

We are offering 50% RakeBack Deals!

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High Stakes!

Lots of High Stakes action! Cash, Tournaments and SnGs!

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2 BTC Tournament/SnG Race!

Be part of this Intense Race to win a part of 2 BTC!

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Free FREEROLLS for everyone with BIG Guarantees!

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FREE Tournament Tickets!

Win FREE Tournament Tickets for our Big GTD Tournaments!

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Big GTD Tournaments!

Biggest crypto poker tournaments in the whole world wide web!

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Knockout Roy for 0.1 BTC!

Insane bounty on Roy! Bust him and his stack and bounty are yours!

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Big Satellite Tournaments!

Make your way to the biggest GTD Poker Tournaments with the Big Satellite Tournaments!

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