[Chapter #2] OnPage SEO – Everything you can do on your site to rank!

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This way we continue with our second chapter, the onpage seo!


Onpage seo, as its name implies is basically building your site in order for search engines to know what your site is about and position it where it is more relevant!

Onpage seo is crucial but not the most important part of seo.

There is a lot of discussion on how to actually perform onpage seo, some will like onepage sites, others will go with sites with 10 or so pages but the sites that are superior are the ones that have tons of related content, interlinked and backlinked in the best way for search engines to think your site is an โ€œauthorityโ€ and get you ranked pretty fast.

What I am going to discuss thoroughly is how to build a big site to rank for the long term for tons of keywords.

In this section you will learn about how to make your site laser-focused to your market to easily rank in serps, get more traffic and more sales.

From Content aspect, I will discuss everything about siloing your site, interlinking posts or pages, keyword density as well as keyword research to target the best keywords for your niche.


Content is what your site is all about. Articles, media and whatnot is all related.

Now before we get started I want to discuss what “type” of content you want on your site depending on your end-goal. This is going to be important on the way things want to go as building content for a site that you just want to rank and bank than it is to build to content for a company where your end-goal is to get customers to subscribe to your email list, watch yoour videos and whatnot.

I know most people just want to build a site to get it ranked than actually building a business that not only relies on seo, so I won’t discuss why one option is better than the other THAT’S why I will make 2 small sections below:

[B]#1 Content for sites that only want to get ranked to bank no matter what[/B]

For these “disposable” sites content won’t matter a damn and for this reason, spun content comes into scene to get the job done. Spun content can be done in innumerable ways so to stay clear, you just scrape content/articles or whatever and then “mash them up” to create unique content for your site.

One great thing about spun content is that it really doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not for the sole reason that the content is made so search engines rank your site.

A lot of people discuss whether or not spun content should be used, so my opinion on that is that for these disposable sites, quality comes on last place as your only goal is to rank (as probably you don’t give a shit about other traffic sources) so you can bank so USE SPUN CONTENT even on your pbn sites if you are on disposable sites.

Though I won’t do a huge guide on how to get spun content, all i have to say is to get software to get it done for you, it really doesn’t matter as this is simply for a disposable site.

Now for the next part, where businesses come into place I will be more thorough as I want to get into a few things probably not discussed here in bhw but that it makes sense to get done.

[B]#2 Content for businesses![/B]

This section is for the people that actually care building their own businesses and that don’t want to rely only on seo. Also it’s for people who want to learn how a real, authority site can be done for everyone to learn and not to just go there from search engines.

One thing that I want to say is that I don’t have any experience on local seo so please contribute on that area as I’m sure we can all learn something from it ๐Ÿ˜‰

[B]Contributing authors[/B]

I know, i know, usually these guys will talk about the fuck they want on their posts but the best thing is that the authors that have an audience or following, will want to share with them what they did in your awesome site and that’s why this step is really important as it can bring you traffic from search engines as well as from their following/audience.

One thing I’ve learned is that a lot of sites prefer volume rather than be picky with authors. I prefer to be picky and actually try to get authors that have an audice so they can share with them the posts made in our business site and maybe even become on of our customers. One thing I really don’t see many people doing is a “top authors” page, after all if you want high quality, high entertaining posts you want to boost your author’s ego by being competitive against all other authors for everyone to excell!

What will you get from authors? For one you will be able to help them expand their profile on the internet, you will get traffic from them, you will get high quality content and basically a lot of good karma back and forth.

One thing I wan tto say about this is that I really don’t like to pay authors but bribe them about how big their exposure will increase by posting on our site. Usually authors don’t just want to get paid but actually get noticed by people on their field. So there you have it, a great way to get awesome authors is to build your site with traffic and once you have decent or great traffic go ahead and bribe those authors for your business to increase by increasing their business.

Go ahead and try it and you will be blessed with tons of new clients ๐Ÿ˜‰

[B]Guest posts[/B]

Similar to section above, but this time you are going after similar sites to get your business exposed to potential clients.

For you to get tons of attention what would you prefer to promote in your site, a business that is just getting started or a business that is doing greatly and offers the best product on the market which is not your competiiton? Of course the established business!

One thing I want to say is that you should look for sites/business that can be compliment to your offer or product and NOT a direct competitor. If your product is bread, you could go with someone that produces cheese or sausages rather than going with another business that does bread as well. The reason is that business should be equal to both parties and in no way just one-way business as a lot of people think ๐Ÿ˜‰

Also, it’s pretty easy to convince businesses to do business with you once you have something to offer. Basically saying you are going to make money to someone’s business for free, its a great way for you to get attention and legit and awesome guest posts.

I suggest doing guest posts when you are actually building a business and not just a disposable site as a disposable site’s only goal is to profit, while a business’s one can be really different.

Anyway, it’s a great point to think about.


This section is going to be smaller than others but can be extremely effective. Content is not only articles but media as well, that is images, videos and whatnot.

For this section, creativity and tackling a good vertical is going to be key to success. This is where viral videos go into place as well as memes and whatnot.

Now, I could really go far with this creative section but all I have to say is be creative, find a great vertical to tackle and promote it with any means necessary.

Maybe in the future i could get thorough with this creative section but only if there’s enough interest ๐Ÿ˜‰

[B]Business or disposable site?[/B]

That’s something I won’t discuss but I go 100% on building a business! ๐Ÿ˜‰


The famous siloing structure! With this structure you will be able to bank hard and rank at the top!

If you have read about seo you have probably stumbled upon siloing sites which to be honest is one of the best ways to organize your site as I have proofed it works even on sites that HAVE NOT been backlinked at all.

Unfortunately in this chapter I won-t talk about how silos can be done as I would have to show the sites I worked on for the past 2 years or so. Regarding silos I will talk thoroughly once we reach chapter #5> Analyzing 2 sites that ranked at the top for over a year!

Once we reach that chapter in the coming 2 weeks, I will show you with real/life examples on how silos can be done to rank your site without backlinks ๐Ÿ˜‰

In the meanwhile I will discuss 3 VERY important aspects of onpage seo which will be key to succeed or fail on getting traffic from search engines ๐Ÿ˜‰

[SIZE=4][B]Interlinking posts and/or pages[/B][/SIZE]

Though in this chapter I didn-t want to share my sites- silo as they will be share in chapter 5, I will certainly discuss the interlink and how it can really affect your site for good.

One of the best things about interlinking is how you can manipulate the links so you can tell search engines which post or pages are important and which are not so.

Obviously for a page to be relevant, a high percentage of pages should link to one same page. That-s why usually the homepages are the strongest pages of the site, because almost all pages link in a way or another the homepage and that makes it really relevant to search engines in general.

Now, when it comes to silo, which I will discuss thoroughly once we reach chapter 5, interlinking is key to make your site relevant in a certain market. Interlinking is all about direction and tell what pages are more important than others.

In the basic silo that everyone knows about, image below, you can see how interlinking actually makes the silos and gives direction to search engine.


Though a lot of people stick to that same model, once you understand how a silo works, you can literally build your own models for extremely awesome results serps wise. Literally I was able to rank a site iwthout building backlinks to it with only the power of silos and interlinking!

For now, interlinking will serve as a tool for you to link your pages to posts you want to rank in more competitive keywords. Once we reach chapter 5 we will discuss how to use it extremely effective as well as how to make it work for you on your live sites ๐Ÿ˜‰

[SIZE=4][B]Keyword Research[/B][/SIZE]

Uff! This topic is hot and as many people sell keywords, this is a really interesting topic as we can get on very creative ways to get awesome keywords in very interesting verticals and angles.

As I can literally write tons of ways to get keywords, I will stick to the basics so I can share the advanced stuff on threads after I complete this awesome seo guide.

Basically what you want to do is define a market, see what people are buying/selling and what potential customers are looking for. Obviously tools like google adwords, keyword shitter and similar only serve as harvesters and not exactly as the ones that will give you an idea on getting seed verticals and angles for you to target.

The best way to get started with keyword research is to get to know your market, get to see what your audience is interested in, what they buy, look at competitors and extract these seed keywords that will serve you to expand and rank in more of them.

Now that you have your seeds, its time to use software to extract keywords that you will be able to rank for.

I know you cannot target all keywords in all articles, but a secret i want to tell you that i will talk about in chapter 4 is that you can target tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of keywords and rank in all of them through silos and interlinking your posts. Yes it is very advanced stuff that certainly its not heavily discussed in bhw but i will bring it to the table and things will get interesting!

Longtails, and longer keywords will serve big time on chapter 4 so dont just throw them out as you will greatly profit from them if used correctly.

For now, you will end with just a few keywords with thousands of searches but the best part will continue in chapter 4 where I will show you how to use the other thousands of keywords you came up with.

It will be fun and interesting on how things are done nowadays ๐Ÿ˜€

[SIZE=4][B]Keyword Density[/B][/SIZE]

To end this chapter, keyword density comes into play and this will greatly help you when it comes to organizing your authors, VAs or whatever is that you hire lol.

Keyword density can vary greatly depending on what kind of anchors you use, if your domain is partial match and other factors. Though one thing is for certain is that you can rank one page in several keywords at the same time.

Last year, with one of my sites, one of the pages I targeted heavily through silos and interlinking was able to rank for HUNDREDS of keywords in top 10 places! Basically this site had very few pages ranking for thousands of keywords top 10 thanks to the great silo and interlinking structure it was built on.

Now if you want to rank your site in similar ways, what I suggest is to kinda build your site in spammy ways.

For example, my 2 sites were in the clash of clans hack/cheats niche and as there were tons of very similar keywords, I simply mashed them up to create one big keyword which I could easily fit in the articles to rank for all those keywords and keeping the keyword density at 1%.

The keyword I was using was ยปClash of Clans Gem Hack Cheats Tool No Surveyยซ and basically i just did the article and where i wanted to say the game-s name or so, i just simply inserted that big keyword and keep the 1% rule to rank ๐Ÿ˜‰

Obviously seems kinda spammy but it works big time ๐Ÿ˜‰

In chapter 5 I will get in depth with this keyword density and silos and will show you how i used them to rank in that famous clash of clans niche and bank $55k last year from these 2 sites!


[B][SIZE=5]What’s coming NEXT![/SIZE][/B]

In this Chapter we discussed onpage seo thoroughly and how to make your site the very best for search engines!

Next time is offpage seo which is basically everything you can do on other-s sites to get your site ranked!

Stay tuned on [url]royserpa.com[/url], which is the site i decided to use as a backup site to make a backup of this awesome guide! There I will post every chapter i post in bhw as well as the same thread for you to read it any time you want!