Roy’s Twists to Elliot305’s Methods (Only 20 Spots)

Spots Open as of February 28: 20

(Updated Once a Day or Once There’s a Spot Taken)

I’ll keep this short without BS, hype or garbage.

I’m not related to Elliot305 in any way, except that I have bought his methods in the past and with my own twists, I managed to make more than $100k in profit.

For the ones who don’t know who Elliot305 is, you can search in BlackHatWorld.

In short, Elliot305 was a user that used to sell exploitative methods where he exploited some sites to make a profit. He used to sell the methods to several people, but the real gold was in making twists to his methods.

What I am offering here is the twists I made with his methods that made me more than $100,000 USD in profit. Yes, I paid him close to $10k-$20k for his methods and on top of that made another $100k, so more than $120,000 in revenue.

$84,750 USD in sold sites + Revenue from cpa networks. Unfortunately, cpa networks died so I couldn’t get screenshots (, etc)
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Interested? The Price is 0.1 BTC!

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Skype “omegapiratejoe”
Telegram @royserpa
Email: [email protected]
PM me in BHW! (@royserpa)

Why am I not continuing with his methods if it was that profitable?

Well, the thing is that I moved to bigger and more profitable projects and I think these twists might come in help for some newbies or experienced marketers.

What are the methods and their twists?

Glad you asked! So the methods I bought from him were related to Adsense and display networks and some lead generation methods. Funny enough, my twists have nothing to do with Adsense and are into lead generation.

For obvious reasons, I won’t reveal what I did exactly, but what I did was to generate leads and sell them for a profit. Managed to do that for quite some time, managed to make money then sold the sites. The lead generation method is transferable to so many niches out there.

With my twists, I managed to turn an ROI of around 390%, whereas, with normal means of advertising, I would lose around 60% of my investment. Literally, with the same campaigns, I turned from -60% to +390% ROI. Obviously, this is all blackhat, but hey, if the companies play dirty on their affiliates, affiliates can play dirty with them.

Now, when it comes to lead generation, many people thinking of fake details, which obviously, will never work. These twists I made from Elliot305’s methods are very profitable and scalable. Just make sure to profit, run your campaigns long enough and sell the sites for a huge boost in profit.

CPA Networks are tricky

CPA Networks will shave the heck out of you just because they can and because they can make more money out of you.

As I discussed in BHW, CPA Networks NEVER pay you 100% of the leads you send their way. Fortunately, there is a way to do it 😉

Funny that even if cpa networks DO NOT pay you all of the leads you send them you can still profit on the backend and come up as a winner.

Interested or want more info? Contact Me! (Price is 0.1 BTC)

Contact me for Info and Make Purchase:

Skype “omegapiratejoe”
Telegram @royserpa
Email: [email protected]
PM me in BHW! (@royserpa)


As a bonus, in addition to the lead generation twists above, I will be giving you my 2 SEO ebooks with advance techniques to dominate SERPs and sell those sites for major money! 😉

Ebook #1: Advanced SEO Techniques
Ebook #2: SEO ebook & Examining 2 profitable sites

Really interesting and advanced SEO techniques that work wonders.